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Discover the basics of managing your finances.

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You can rely on an advisor to help you find the best banking solutions, invest your money wisely and plan your finances, no matter where you are in life.

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As your wealth grows, you'll need the support of experts. Financial planners1 leverage their vast experience and expertise to offer highly professional services tailored to your needs. 

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Whether to answer your questions or easily carry out a variety of daily transactions, we’re here for you.

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Managing my finances

Adopt good habits and optimize your strategies.

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Better understanding investments

Broaden your knowledge whether you’re a beginner or more advanced.

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Planning and settling an estate

Discover our recommendations on how to manage and settle an estate.

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Our savings plans and investment solutions

Savings plans and accounts

Savings plans and accounts

Find the registered plan that’s right for you and grow your savings tax-free for medium to long-term projects.

Learn about RRSP

Learn about TFSA

Learn about RESP

Non-registered plans

Deposit and withdraw your money whenever you want with non-registered plans.

Other plans

Several other options are available depending on your
age and retirement plans.

Learn about RRIF

Learn about LIRA

Learn about LIF

Savings and investment solutions

High Interest Savings Account

High Interest Savings Account

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Guaranteed Investment Certificates 

Protect the original amount invested and grow your savings in a GIC. A win-win solution.

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NBI funds and portfolios

Discover the various investment options available to you.

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Learn about NBI Portfolios

Learn about NBI Private

Learn about Wealth Management

Learn about Cash solutions

All National Bank subsidiaries for your investment needs

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Try self-directed investing

Take control of your investments with powerful tools and a dedicated team of experts.

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Long-term investment advice

Benefit from the expertise of a wealth advisor who will help you achieve your life goals for decades to come.

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Our expertise in trusts

Ensure the protection and transfer of your wealth.

Discover National Bank Trust

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Our personalized private banking service

Get personalized services and advice for all your wealth management needs.

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  1. Financial planning services are offered through subsidiaries of National Bank. Financial planners provide their services on behalf of National Bank Investments Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of National Bank.

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