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Down payment

Choose your down payment amount.

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  • Single family dwellings, condos and duplexes:

    • Minimum down payment of 5% on the portion of the purchase price less than or equal to $500,000
    • Minimum down payment of 10% on the portion of the purchase price over $500,000

  • Triplexes and quadruplexes: Minimum down payment of 10% for owner-occupied properties

  • For any property with a purchase price equal to or greater than $1,000,000: minimum down payment of 20%

Repayment period

Choose your repayment period.


  • Down payment of 20% or less: Repayment period cannot be longer than 25 years.

  • Down payment of more than 20%: Repayment period cannot be longer than 30 years.

Interest rate

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$392.92 per month

Your mortgage loan1 amount will be:

  • $98,800

  • With insurance premium (CMHC/SagenTM *): $16.09

Your payments will be:

  • $418.37 per month

Two other payment options

  • $209.18 every two weeks

  • Savings: $2,924.85

  • Repayment period: 22 years, 7 months

  • $104.59 per week

  • Savings: $2,954.35

  • Repayment period: 22 years, 7 months

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Where do these savings come from?
When you opt for accelerated payments (weekly or bi-weekly), you end up making the equivalent of an extra monthly payment per year, which is applied directly to your mortgage principal. This means:
  • considerable interest savings
  • a shorter repayment period (amortization).
Would you like a concrete example of your potential savings? Calculate the Two other payment options for two identical scenarios with different repayment periods.

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Legal Disclaimers

TM Sagen is a trademark of Genworth Financial Canada, the mortgage insurance company

*Formerly known as Genworth.

1 The data generated by this calculator is approximate and does not create any legal or contractual obligation for National Bank and its subsidiaries. The granting of financing remains, at all times, subject to the credit approval of the National Bank. Certain conditions apply. The client agrees to have their personal situation in relation to any product described in these pages validated and analyzed with their accountant, tax expert, and a National Bank advisor. 

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