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Enroll, receive, receive.

Get up to $480 cashback in the first year, on top of your eligible credit card's benefits.

Offer valid for new cardholders. Minimum monthly purchase required.

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Platinum Mastercard Business Card


Rewards points
Rewards points
Rewards points

Accumulate and claim À la carte Reward points 

Damage Insurance
Damage Insurance
Damage Insurance

Get up to 2.5 % off at Ultramar®

Purchases Guarantee
Purchases Guarantee
Purchases Guarantee

Manage your monthly spending limit

Flight luggage vehicle insurance
Flight luggage vehicle insurance
Flight luggage vehicle insurance

Enjoy flight departure delay, baggage and vehicle rental insurance

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How to benefit from my Platinum Mastercard?

Step 1 icon

Quickly earn up to 1.5 point per $1 purchase

Accelerate the accumulation of points by booking your flights and packages with À la carte Travel, or by paying the balance with your credit card.

Step 2 icon

Sign in to À la carte Rewards or create an account.

With À la carte Travel, you can redeem your points directly without submitting a refund claim. You also benefit from a better exchange rate: only 10,000 points for a $100 discount.

Step 2 icon

Redeem your points for what makes you happy

Kitchen, sports and recreation items, small appliances, gift cards, and more.


Ready to create an account or log in?

Redeem my rewards

Important Information

Annual fee

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Minimum credit limit1

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Interest rate on balance transfers and cash advances2, 3, 17

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Annual fee for additional card

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Interest rate on purchases1

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Distribution guide and insurance certificate 

Consult the${p1.guideDistr.en | link:"Distribution guide":"":"_blank"}|${p1.certif.en | link:"Insurance certificate":"":"_blank"}[PDF].


Compensation plan in the event of fraud

Up to $10,000 (see the${p1.urlConvention.en | link:"Cardholder Agreement":"":"_blank"})


Purchase protection in the event of theft or damage4

180-day purchase protection following the date of purchase


Extended warranty4

Triple the manufacturer's warranty, up to 2 additional years


Flight departure delay insurance4

Up to $500 per person (over 4 hours)


Baggage insurance in case of theft or loss4

Up to $1,000 per person


Baggage insurance in case of delay4

Up to $500 per person (over 6 hours)


Vehicle rental insurance4

Against collision, theft or damage for a period of 48 days or less (theft of personal effects up to $2,000)


Travel insurance in case of accident aboard public transit4

Up to $250,000


Safe online purchases

Mastercard® ID CheckTM is a service that protects you against fraud by verifying your identity when making online purchases. 

Other advantages

Easy Savings Program5

With the Mastercard Easy Savings Program you automatically receive discounts on eligible purchases at participating merchants.For a list of participating merchants, go to


Partnership with Ultramar®, 6, 7

Save up to 2.5% on gas purchases at Ultramar gas stations.

  • From $0 to $40: 1% cashback
  • From $41 to $80: 1.5% cashback
  • $81 or more: 2% cashback

What's more, you get an additional rebate of 0.5% on your account statement if you spend more than $2,000 per year at Ultramar!


MasterpassTM digital wallet

MasterpassTM is a fast and secure online payment method.

  • Storage and encryption of your credit cards and shipping addresses
  • A simplified payment process using your mobile device, tablet or computer
  • Multi-tiered security to protect your information

Important phone numbers

Customer service or report a lost or stolen card

À la carte Rewards Centre

Insurance claim

Report fraudulent use by an authorized cardholder

Pre-authorized Debit

Your card payments can be automatically withdrawn from your National Bank or other account so you can avoid late payment fees if you apply to pre-authorized debit.

${p1.urlConvention.en | link:"Agreement Governing the Use of the National Bank Mastercard® Credit Card":"":"_blank"}– effective July 9, 2018

Enjoy a credit card at the same rate as a line of credit!

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Legal Notes


Terms and conditions

1. Credit card is issued subject to credit approval by National Bank of Canada. Terms and conditions apply.
Offer valid until February 29, 2020.
Over a 12-month period, get cashback for each (calendar) month you charge a minimum amount in net purchases to an eligible credit card account. The cashback will be credited to the account no later than the 15th of the following month.

$40 cashback per month
Get $40 cashback for each month you charge at least $500 in net purchases to your card (from the 1st to the last day of the month), with a maximum annual rebate of $480. The eligible cards are Platinum, World®, World Elite® and Platinum Business.

Net purchases correspond to the amount in purchases charged to the account minus returns and refunds. Annual fees, balance transfers and cash advances are not included in the calculation.

The total amount of monthly net purchases is calculated from the first day of the month after the account has been opened. For example, an account that was opened on September 15 will have its net purchases calculated on October 1 and the first cashback will be made no later than November 15.

The account must be in good standing for the cashback to be awarded.
This promotion applies to all persons and businesses who do not hold and have never held a National Bank credit card in the past 24 months. It cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion related to new National Bank credit cards. National Bank employees and entities of its group are not eligible to this offer. Upgrades and additional cards are excluded from the offer. National Bank reserves the right to modify, extend, or withdraw this promotion at any time without notice.

®ALLURE and ECHO are registered trademarks of National Bank of Canada.

™MYCREDIT and SYNCRO are trademarks of National Bank of Canada.

®Mastercard, World Mastercard and World Elite are registered trademarks, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. Authorized user: National Bank

TM ID Check and Identity Check are trademarks of Mastercard International Inc. Authorized user: National Bank.

®Mastercard, Masterpass and Priceless Cities are registered trademarks, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. Authorized user: National Bank.

® Ultramar is a registered trademark of Valero. Used under licence. 

1 Subject to credit approval from National Bank.

2 Grace period: At least 21 days on purchases if you pay your full balance by the due date indicated on your monthly statement (no grace period applies to balance transfers and cash advances). Your minimum payment will correspond to 2.5% of your account balance plus any amount already due or $10, whichever amount is higher. If your account balance is lower than $10, you must pay the entire balance.  If you exceed your credit limit, the amount of the minimum payment will be the highest of the following amounts: (a) 2.5% of the account balance or (b) the amount of the overlimit.


Example of credit charges calculated over a period of 30 days