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INTERAC e-Transfer

Send money anywhere in Canada quickly and easily

Sending money online has never been easier

Say goodbye to cheques! Send and receive money in just a few clicks using Interac e-Transfer® service online or via the mobile app.

If you have a banking package, Interac e-Transfers are included! Otherwise, a $1 transfer fee applies.1

Perfect if you are looking to:

  • Send money to a family member
  • Pay rent quickly and easily
  • Send or receive child support
  • Get reimbursed for a taxi ride with a friend
  • Contribute to a friend's birthday dinner

How do I send a transfer with Interac e-transfer service?

Les différents supports sur lesquels consulter notre site : mobile, tablette et desktop

3 great reasons to pay with Interac e-Transfer

It's easy

Connect with the National Bank mobile app or online banking. You just need the recipient's name and email address or phone number.

It's convenient

No more missed payments! Set up automatic bill payments on your phone, tablet or computer, then sit back and let your bills take care of themselves.

It's secure

You don't need to enter the recipient's banking information. The recipient will just have to answer the security question to deposit the funds.

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Little details that matter

Terms of use

To send a transfer, you need to be signed up for online banking and provide the email address or phone number of the person you're sending the money to.

The recipient must have an account with a participating Canadian bank.

Unclaimed Interac e-Transfers

Your transfer could go unclaimed for the following reasons:

1. Failure to answer security question

The recipient fails to correctly answer the security question within the permitted number of tries.

2. Transfer declined

The recipient declines the transfer.

3. Transfer expired

The recipient fails to accept the transfer before the expiry date.

4. Invalid recipient information

The notification may not have gone through for the following reasons:

  • Incorrect email address
  • Incorrect phone number
  • Technical glitch

How to cancel an unclaimed e-Transfer

You'll receive a notification by email or text message if your transfer is not claimed. To cancel the transfer:

1. Click on the link in the email or text message, which will redirect you to the National Bank website

2. Click on your transfer history in the left-hand menu

3. Select Cancel for the transfer in question

4. Follow the steps

Legal Disclaimers

® INTERAC, the Interac logo and Interac e-Transfer are trademarks of Interac Inc. Used under licence.

1. If you do not have one of  the packages (The Connected, The Total, The Modest, The Minimalist, or the offer for professionals or students) or if you exceed the number of transactions included in your package, a fee of $1 may apply when you send money via Interac e-Transfer. The transfer must be sent to a bank account held at a participating Canadian financial institution. Refer to the Guide to Personal Banking Solutions for more information.

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