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COVID-19: Sign up for CRA direct deposit

Receive government assistance in the account of your choice

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Due to the increased number of requests, we will respond to clients who are facing financial difficulties in order of priority. Sign in to your online bank or National Bank app to continue carrying out your daily transactions.

CRA direct deposit: quick, simple, efficient 

With direct deposit, you receive emergency benefits and other Canada Revenue Agency deposits into the account of your choice more quickly. 

Important: don't forget to sign up with the Canada Revenue Agency for emergency financial aid, benefits, and reimbursements. 

A single request is enough for the:

  • Canada Emergency Response Benefit 
  • Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB) 
  • Income tax refund 
  • Goods and services tax/Harmonized sales tax (GST/HST) credit 
  • Canada child benefit 
  • Canada workers benefit 
  • Ontario Trillium Benefit

How to sign up for direct deposit?

Direct deposit and other banking services

Sign up for direct deposit

Sign in to the most recent version of your online bank or National Bank app, click Direct Deposit - CRA in the Products and services section and follow the steps.

Important: For security reasons, always sign into your online bank from the National Bank site, never from a link in an email. 

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Answers to your questions about CRA direct deposit

Signing up for CRA direct deposit is quick and easy. Here are the answers to your most common questions.

I just signed up, but I have not received a confirmation number. How do I know my application has been processed? 

National Bank does not follow up on the applications that have been submitted. The Canada Revenue Agency processes all applications received within its standard processing times. 

What account do I need to hold to be eligible for direct deposit? 

If you have a chequing or savings account or line of credit at National Bank, you are eligible to apply for direct deposit. If you do not hold any of these accounts or banking products, we invite you to open an account online by visiting the Accounts page, or from the Products and services section in your online Bank.

Note that to be eligible for direct deposit, you must have filed your first income tax return with the Canada Revenue Agency. National Bank does not process any of the claims submitted. Your application will be sent directly to the Canada Revenue Agency, which will process your file in accordance with its standard processing times.

Where is the form to submit a direct deposit request? 

To sign up for direct deposit, sign in to the latest version of your online bank and click on the CRA - Direct deposit tab in the Products and services section. 

If you don't already have an account with your online bank, you can open one to sign up for direct deposit. 

Visit the Accounts page for more information.  

The form is also available in the National Bank app, under Products and services.

Why do I have to give my SIN to National Bank to sign up for direct deposit? 

The SIN is one of the essential pieces of information that the Canada Revenue Agency needs to process your application. 

National Bank uses your SIN only to identify you and does not retain that information. 

Please note that SIN numbers starting with 0 are not eligible to sign up for direct deposit. If you have a SIN beginning with 0, contact the Canada Revenue Agency for more information. 

What refunds can I receive via direct deposit? 

You can receive the following refunds via direct deposit:  

  • Canada Emergency Response Benefit   
  • Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB)
  • Income tax refund  
  • Goods and services tax/Harmonized sales tax (GST/HST) credit  
  • Canada child benefit  
  • Canada workers benefit  
  • Ontario Trillium Benefit 

National Bank does not process any submitted applications. Your application will be forwarded directly to the Canada Revenue Agency, which will process your file in accordance with its standard processing times.

I applied for direct deposit with my savings account, but I wanted to receive the funds in my chequing account. What do I need to do? 

You can re-apply for direct deposit. Your new application will be forwarded to the Canada Revenue Agency who will update your file. 

National Bank does not process any submitted applications. Your request will be forwarded directly to the Canada Revenue Agency, which will process your file in accordance with its standard processing times. 

Will I be notified when the funds are deposited into my account?

National Bank does not process any submitted applications. We invite you to follow the Canada Revenue Agency's payment schedule.

The account I signed up with has been closed. What will happen to my direct deposit? 

You can re-apply for direct deposit. Your new application will be forwarded to the Canada Revenue Agency who will update your file. 

Some info on direct deposit

Direct deposit allows clients to receive Government of Canada issued payments directly into the bank account of their choice. Many financial institutions now permit clients to sign up for direct deposit or update their account of choice.

What is a direct deposit payment? 

Direct deposit is a secure electronic transfer of funds deposited directly into your bank account at the financial institution of your choice. Direct deposit replaces the need to issue payments by paper cheque. 

Why should I sign up for direct deposit? 

Direct deposit allows you to access your money faster. It’s also more convenient as your payment will not be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather. It’s reliable and your payment will always be deposited on time in the account that you select when you sign up for direct deposit.

For those eligible for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, we encourage you to sign up for direct deposit as soon as possible to receive your benefit payments on time.

Will I still receive cheques if I sign up for direct deposit? 

Once you are signed up for direct deposit, you will receive CRA payments such as benefits, credits, and refunds directly to your bank account, and will no longer receive cheques for those payments. 

What payments can I receive through direct deposit? 

You can receive payments such as your income tax refund, benefits and credits such as the Canada Child Benefit (CCB), the Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST) credit, Canada Workers Benefit (CWB), and provincial and territorial payments such as the Ontario Trillium Benefit (OTB).

If you are eligible to receive it, you can also receive your Canada Emergency Response Benefit payments directly to your bank account.

How soon should I expect my payments to arrive by direct deposit? 

If your payment method is direct deposit, you can expect to receive payments within 5 business days of the scheduled payment date. If your payment method is by cheque, you can expect the cheque in the mail within 10 business days. Please allow this time before contacting the CRA about your payment. 

Is it safe to sign up for direct deposit? 

The Government of Canada considers privacy and security of utmost importance in the issuance of payments. Any information you provide to the Government of Canada when you enroll for direct deposit is protected under the Government of Canada Privacy Act and as described in Receiver General Payments (Personal Information Bank PWGSC PCU 712).

The Receiver General will use and disclose personal information for direct deposit purposes only to the federal institutions from which you are receiving payments and to your financial institution to issue direct deposit payments. Personal information such as your Social Insurance Number (SIN) will not be disclosed to your financial institution.

Access to your bank account is governed by your account agreement with your financial institution. Please consult with your financial institution for more information regarding their privacy and security measures.

How long will it take to process my direct deposit enrolment or update through my financial situation? 

The CRA aims to process your direct deposit enrolment or information updates within two business days. Given the current environment, you may experience longer than usual processing times once your financial institution has sent your information to the CRA. 

How do I know that I have received my direct deposit payment from the CRA? 

You can verify that the payment has been received by checking your statement for the account you used to sign up for direct deposit. Your payment amount will be deposited directly into the account.

You can also confirm that the payment was sent by the CRA by signing into CRA’s My Account.

The CRA will never send you an email, text or Interac e-Transfer® to a link asking for your personal information to receive your benefit payment or refund. These are scams and taxpayers should never respond to these fraudulent communications or click any of the links provided. If you submit multiple requests to update your direct deposit information, the most recent enrolment you complete will become the account on file with the Canada Revenue Agency. Direct deposits will only be made into one account, at one financial institution.

I've received a payment by direct deposit and I don't know what it's for. How can I obtain additional information ?

In some instances, your financial institution will provide you with some payment details on your banking statement (paper or online), such as CPP for Canada Pension Plan and OAS for Old Age Security. If you require additional information, you can:

  • call the Receiver General at 1-800-593-1666 , where an agent will assist in identifying the payment using personal identifiers based on the payment issuing department or agency. For example, departments or agencies may use your Social Insurance Number (SIN), an account or pension number, a business or a vendor number to manage your file

  • contact your payment issuing department or agency directly to obtain detailed information regarding your payment. You can find the contact information for any other issuing department or agency on the Government of Canada website or by calling 1 800 O-Canada (1-800-622-6232).

In cases where, beyond any doubt, the direct deposit payment does not belong to you, then you should request that your financial institution return the funds electronically to the Government of Canada.

Why do I continue to receive cheques for certain payments when I get direct deposit for others? 

Your payment details are held separately by each department to ensure your privacy. If you are enroled in direct deposit with one department, that information is not shared with any other department. You will therefore need to enrol in direct deposit with the department issuing your payments by cheque. 

The Receiver General's Direct Deposit website provides information on the various options and methods available to enrol your payments in direct deposit. 

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