Important Notice

Fires in British Columbia: Supporting Fire Victims

Thousands of our fellow citizens are in difficulty following major fires in British Columbia. They need our support, both physically and financially. Would you like to make a donation to the Red Cross?

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African Drought – Humanitarian Emergency

Africa is currently experiencing one of the worst droughts of the past few decades. Want to help the communities intensely affected by famine? We’re accepting online and in-branch donations across Canada.

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Wave of fraudulent e-mails   

A phishing scam involving fraudulent e-mails is currently underway. The messages ask recipients to click on a link to update their personal information. Be careful and do not click on the link or provide the information requested under any circumstances. National Bank never uses e-mail to ask for your personal information (social insurance number, password, etc.).

If you received such an e-mail and did not click on the link, we recommend that you delete it.

If you are a Bank client who received such an e-mail and unfortunately provided the information requested, please contact one of our TelNat customer service representatives as soon as possible (1-888-4TELNAT or 514-394-5555) for assistance.

If you received such a message and are a client of another financial institution, please contact your institution’s customer service department.  

At National Bank, we have always placed the highest importance on safeguarding your personal information. To learn more about our policies and best practices for preventing fraud, please consult our “ABCs of Security” section at