MasterCard Business Line



Direct access
to financing



Get easy access to your funds through the card or cheque and protect your business against overdrafts and their associated costs.

Discover the advantages

  • Take advantage of an interest rate that can be as low as prime + 1%1
  • Access to your commercial accounts with your card
  • Issue cheques from your MasterCard® Business Line2

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   Important information
   Annual fees    $50
   Additional card fees     No fee
   Minimum limit credit     $1,000

Other benefits

   MasterPassTM digital wallet MasterPassTM is a fast and secure online payment method.

  • Storage and encryption of your credit cards and shipping addresses
  • A simplified payment process using your mobile device, tablet or desktop
  • Multi-tiered security to protect your information

Learn more

Agreement Governing the use of the MasterCard credit card issued by National Bank of Canada:

Agreement Governing the use of the credit card – as of October 1, 2014  [pdf]