Human Resources Solutions

Striking the right balance between what you need and what your employees want

National Bank knows how important and how challenging it can be to recruit, retain, and motivate top employees.

National Bank also realizes that workplace benefits play a large part in how employees perceive their employer. That is why National Bank partners have chosen to develop and provide an essential HR Solution designed to help your organization:

  • Optimize the management of your business by determining where you prefer to focus your energy
  • Provide your employees with a global compensation program comparable to what major corporations have to offer

Show your employees you care about their well-being. Take advantage of this offer, in part or in whole, to give them access to a wide range of benefits.

Your key concerns. Our solutions.

Payroll Solutions

Do not get bogged down with paperwork related to payroll administration and compliance. Let our business partner Nethris1 take care of your payroll and human resources needs.

  • Reduced payroll preparation time
  • Compliance with government payment deadlines (avoid D.A.S. remittance penalties)
  • Savings on banking fees for cheques and deposits
  • Employee Self Serve access on a secure website
  • On-line reports and data archiving
  • Eco-friendly paperless environment

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HR Assistance Solutions

Streamline your human resources practices by putting the specialists at NBC Assistance Inc. to work for you.

  • Full HR profile of your organization to pinpoint vital issues; advice on policies related to workplace harassment, pay equity and workforce training (the 1% law)
  • Preferential rates for services provided by specialized external partners:
    • Staffing and recruiting
    • Labour laws and business immigration
    • Workplace health and safety
    • Strategic management

Banking Privileges

Give your employees access to a variety of discounts and complimentary services as part of our Welcome Offer2 - simply by having your primary banking accounts with National Bank.

  • No monthly service fees for 12 months3 for transactions included in the selected eligible4 banking package or program
  • Lower annual fees for the first year on the selected eligible5 National Bank MasterCard®1
  • Special rate on a Personal Flex Line®2 or Student Line of Credit6

If you have any questions or wish to sign up for any of our HR Solutions, please contact your advisor or our customer service representatives.

Montreal area: 514-394-4494
Toll-free: 1-844-394-4494


1 CGI Payroll Services Centre Inc. is the sole provider of payroll processing solutions and services marketed under the Nethris® brand and for which National Bank of Canada acts only as a distributor. Nethris® is a registered trademark of CGI Payroll Services Centre Inc.
2 The Welcome Offer is intended exclusively for non-clients of National Bank who sign up for an eligible banking package or program and an eligible credit card (National Bank Edition, Allure and Platinum MasterCards). The benefits and discounts offered as part of this Welcome Offer cannot be transferred or combined with any other National Bank financial program, promotional offer or benefit and are not retroactive. Limited time offer. This offer may be withdrawn at any time without notice at National Bank's discretion. All eligibility conditions are available at our branches.
3 No monthly service charges for the program or package will apply once the bank account is opened. After the exemption period ends, the fees in effect will apply. Details on the monthly service charges for our banking packages and programs are available at our branches.
4 Eligible banking packages or programs: Direct Access, AccessPlus, Accessible, Virtuoso®2, Perspective and ClickStudent®2. Financing subject to credit approval by National Bank. Certain conditions apply.
5 Eligible credit cards: National Bank Edition, Allure and Platinum MasterCards. Financing subject to credit approval by National Bank. The promotional offer on annual fees applies only to individuals who do not already have a National Bank MasterCard. One year after the card has been issued, the regular annual fees in effect will automatically be charged to the account. Details on the annual fees for these National Bank MasterCards are available at our branches or
6 Financing subject to credit approval by National Bank. Certain conditions apply, particularly for the Student Line of Credit. Details are available at our branches.
®1 MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Inc.
®2 Personal Flex Line, Virtuoso and ClickStudent are registered trademarks of National Bank of Canada.