National Bank is more than just a bank: it's an integrated financial group. Through our subsidiaries, we offer a wide range of financial products and services.

National Bank Trust

Established in 1927, this subsidiary specializes in trust services and wealth management. 

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National Bank Investments

In business since 1987, National Bank Investments is your best source for information on mutual funds.

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Have you ever wished you could pack up your National Bank branch and take it with you to Florida? Well now there's Natbank!

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National Bank Financial

The result of the merger of Lévesque Beaubien Geoffrion with First Marathon, National Bank Financial offers full-service brokerage and investment counselling.

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National Bank Direct Brokerage

If you're an experienced investor, National Bank Direct Brokerage offers efficient tools for obtaining market information, and savings on brokerage fees.

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National Bank General Insurance


National Bank Insurance Firm


National Bank Life Insurance Company