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Building a sustainable future

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Sustainability is about constantly questioning how we can create a positive economic, social and environmental impact where it matters most for:

  • Our clients
  • Our communities
  • Our employees

Supporting sustainable development is an integral part of our common mission.  

Our ESG principles


We are working to develop a green economy


We enrich communities


We govern according to the highest standards 

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Climate, Environment 

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To meet the Paris Agreement climate goals, we are managing and reducing our environmental footprint across all our business segments. Here are some examples:

  • A new eco-responsible head office under construction, designed according to the most advanced environmental standards.
  • More energy-efficient branches thanks to a remote management system that saves millions of kilowatt-hours of electricity and thousands of cubic metres of natural gas annually.
  • Reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, calculated per employee, square footage or revenue.

Our objectives? Maintain our environmental leadership in North America, reduce our GHG emissions by 25% by the end of 2025 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050

Video transcript

The scene opens with a centered shot of a trail in the forest. In the distance you hear the sound of a bike. The whole thing is presented almost like a documentary.

National Bank is committed to reducing its own greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by the end of 2025.

A child on his bike enters the frame. He rides down the trail enjoying this moment in nature.

To build a better future for our children.

The child continues on his way.

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National Bank

Video transcript

It is daytime in a schoolyard. The camera is close up on the face of a white girl.

What if we collectively set out to change the rules of the game.

As the camera moves back, we see a young boy of African-American descent who is in the same position as her.

National Bank is committed to ensuring at least 1 in 4 employees is a visible minority by the end of 2023.

The camera continues to move back and we now see five or six more children, all of different nationalities, playing street hockey.

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National Bank

Diversity, Inclusion

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We work with several partners to carry out a leadership role in the development of an inclusive and proud community.

We actively support women, cultural communities and the LGBTQ+ community through various partnerships.

We are also featured in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index and Canada's Best Diversity Employers.

Our goal? To increase diversity and inclusion in our workforce by the end of 2023 by employing more than a quarter of individuals from diverse backgrounds.

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Take action for women’s financial future today

Our Women’s Finances series is designed to help women take control of their financial future.

Local economy, SMEs

Take action to support local businesses today

As the ideal bank for entrepreneurs and partner for SMEs, we are committed to building lasting relationships and providing services for our local small and medium-sized businesses.

We are proud to support a dozen accelerators and incubators as well as various training programs specifically designed for entrepreneurs. 

We also provide entrepreneurs with products and services that simplify the daily management of their business, such as accounting, telemedicine and appointment scheduling services.

What's new? The creation of the SME Growth Fund, which will invest $200 million to help businesses succeed. 

Video transcript

We see the façade of an office building. It's very early in the morning and still quite dark. A woman entrepreneur walks into the frame. She walks to the building and unlocks the door.

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about launching the businesses of tomorrow…

She enters the business. After a few moments, the lights gradually turn on until they are all on.

it’s also about doing what it takes to relaunch the businesses of today. 


The $200 million National Bank SME Growth Fund will stimulate local business innovation.

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National Bank

At National Bank, we are committed to creating a positive impact in people's lives. We integrate environmental, social and governance issues into our business and operational decisions. 

Video transcript

The scene opens on a building in a Canadian community. We hear the faint sound of an aerosol can in the distance. The camera moves in toward the sound. 

What if we set out to join forces…

The camera reveals a muralist producing a mural on a wall of a community building.

to reach our full potential together.

The camera gradually moves back to see the entire fresco. It is intended to represent the community coming together.

National Bank supports 300 organizations that change lives in our communities.

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National Bank


Take action to change lives today 

As an important economic player in Quebec and Canada since 1859, National Bank aims to foster the development of the communities it serves. 

We have achieved this goal through well-defined donation and sponsorship programs, through the commitment of our employees and retirees who are volunteers in their communities, and through successful fundraising efforts with our clients' participation. 

We support over 300 organizations across Canada involved in many areas such as entrepreneurship, health, education, arts and culture, cybersecurity, financial literacy and sports. We also have 26,000 employees active in the community every day.

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Hours volunteered by our employees1,2

$15 M

In institutional

$127 B

In Canadian
business financing 


Reduction of GHG emissions from our own operations since 20194


Female workforce at the Bank1,3

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Legal notes

  1. In Canada.
  2. Employees enter their volunteer hours in a centralized database on a voluntary basis.
  3. Data as at December 31, 2021.
  4. An independent service provider calculates our GHG emissions data using the methodology described in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative (GHG Protocol) (WRI and WBCSD, 2004).

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