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Protecting our clients aged 60 and over

Because we are committed to support you.

Living well and aging well

The life expectancy of Canadians has increased steadily in recent years. Although we all want to live long and healthy lives, these additional years bring new challenges, sometimes physical, sometimes cognitive. We are here to answer your questions about the changing reality of your financial needs.

Our employees are trained and educated to the highest standards to help you manage your finances safely. We also adhere to the Code of Conduct for the Delivery of Banking Services to Seniors.

We are committed to:

  • helping our elderly clientele by accompanying them
  • acting against fraud, financial exploitation and possible scams against seniors
  • recognizing signs of abuse
  • communicating effectively with seniors
  • offering products and services adapted to their needs

Offering a simple and humane online experience

We work to ensure the accessibility of our products and services and to provide additional assistance to those who need it. You can access the following services:

  • Meet with a representative to discuss your finances and ask questions in a quiet and secluded area if necessary
  • Meet with a representative to obtain additional information about products and services
  • Documentation printed in a larger font for easier reading
  • Explanation on how e-readers work (read-aloud tool) for visually impaired clients
  • Help with using ABMs, our online and mobile banking services
  • ABM audio function

How can we help you?

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Protecting myself against fraud

Drawing of a hand holding several identity cards in front of a computer

Article: How to avoid social media fraud?

Here are the social media scams to avoid and some tips on keeping cybercriminals away.

Learn more about scams

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Grandparent scam: How to avoid targeted scams

How does it work?

You get a call: "Grandma, is that you? "or "Grandpa, do you recognize me? ". Thinking it's your grandchild, you answer by their first name. The scammer starts using that name to seem more credible. They will claim to be in trouble (legal fees, debt or repairs following an accident, etc.) and that they urgently need money transferred to them, without their parents finding out. 

How to protect yourself?

  • Do not answer questions that the caller should already know the answers to.
  • Do not hesitate to question your caller to verify their identity.
  • Avoid providing your personal and banking information. Ask yourself why the caller would want this information.
  • Always verify the legitimacy of any such call yourself by verifying with other family members.

Have you already been a victim?

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Report the incident to your local police station.

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Protecting myself: Power of attorney, joint account and more

Two people on a sofa chatting

Article: Why a Power of Attorney? Who Should It Be?

If an illness or accident leaves you incapacitated, who will take care of you and manage your assets? Designating a power of attorney as soon as possible allows you to decide the people who will assume these roles in your place.

Learn more about power of attorney

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Plan my estate

Grandfather walking his grandson in a cart

Article: How can I prepare for my estate planning?

Avoid headaches for your loved ones by taking the steps to prepare everything now.

Read about estate planning

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Living well during my retirement

Two retired women laughing together

Article: How to choose my retirement home?

When the time comes to choose your retirement home, you’ll have to evaluate your level of independence and your budget, as well as your personal preferences. Discover how to go about doing this.

Choose a retirement home

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Taking care of my family

Article: I am caregiver, how can I receive financial support?

About one out of four Canadians has provided care to a loved one with a long-term health condition, a mental or physical disability, or problems related to aging. Here’s some advice and tax measures to help you support your loved ones.

Learn more

Man hugging a woman in a wheelchair

Maximize your finances abroad

Retired woman sitting on the beach

Article: How can I spend my winter in Florida without having bad tax surprises?

Would you like to spend the next few winters in Florida, or elsewhere in the United States, and return to Quebec in the springtime? Here is what you should know.

Read our advise

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