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For the entire month of October, let’s show our support in the fight against breast cancer

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Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women. Each year in Canada, 27,400 new cases will be detected and nearly 5,100 women will die. This means that one in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime2

More than ever, National Bank is committed to raising awareness and fighting breast cancer. As a partner of the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation for more than 15 years, National Bank has donated nearly $7 million to encourage research and support people affected by the disease. Thanks to screening techniques and the development of new treatments, the mortality rate has been declining since the 1990’s2. Let's continue to invest in this initiative, in solidarity. 

How can I get involved?

Get screened, educate the women around you, and support the community.

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Take care of yourself and those around you

  • Get into the habit of checking yourself regularly  
  • Get a mammogram every two years after age 50
  • Adopt healthy lifestyle habits 
  • Speak to the women around you 

As recommended (available only in French) by the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation

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Participate in fund-raising events

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Support the community

Committed to supporting our community

National Bank's commitment to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation is reflected primarily in our financial support and aims to extend the cause’s reach to the public. Our collaboration plays a role in: 

  • Advancing scientific research 
  • Improving the quality of life of those affected and that of their families 
  • Raising awareness and prevention efforts 

Our partnership in numbers


Principal partner of the foundation


Beginning of our partnership

$7 M

Donated to the cause

Maintain your financial health while overcoming illness 

When an unexpected event occurs, such as a critical illness, we don't always realize the impact it may have on our personal finances. Together, let's break the taboos and encourage more women to manage their finances in the event of illness. 

When diagnosed: How to manage your finances following a diagnosis?

Through hardship: The different support measures offered

In remission: How do you turn new projects that are important to you into reality?

"Chemotherapy is very difficult to overcome. I found workshops where we shared, laughed, and cried together, and we encouraged each other. It has been an extraordinary support for me from the foundation."


Yajaira, breast cancer survivor

Ready to support the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation? 

Become a donor

Each donation, small or large, regular or unique, brings us a step closer to realizing the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation research and support mission.

Support a good cause when you shop

National Bank donates $0.10 to the foundation for every $10 you charge to your Allure® Mastercard® credit card.1

The annual donation limit is $750,000.

Get moving for a good cause

La Virée Rose, presented by National Bank, is an opportunity for everyone to get moving by setting a goal in kilometers to help raise money for the foundation.

Little details that matter

Legal Disclaimers

1. National Bank donates $0.10 for every $10 charged to an Allure Mastercard® credit card account over a 12-month period to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. The annual donation is capped at $750,000.


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